Mama hack mantra: I was that mom who said “why didn’t anyone ever tell me about that”….over, and over, and over as I learned things in parenting.  I’m still going to do that all my life, I’m convinced.  There’s a wealth of knowledge out there about mothering if you look stuff up, when you hear it from your friends, or in trial and error as you learn how to navigate parenthood.  Sometimes you wish there was a book of tricks you could look stuff up in a glossary.  This isn’t that organized, but some of my favorite tools I’ve learned along the way I decided to share and document. Hopefully one of these help you out too!

Please comment on this page below if you have a trick of your own to share!! I’m always open to new ideas to help save time, money, or sanity in my mothering journey!

January 29, 2018

Versatile products: Products that are functional for their primary purpose, but versatile to help cut down on the collection of baby ‘stuff!’  For example: a place mat that doubles as a play mat, play dough mat, mini park mat, or changing pad that’s easy to pack in the diaper bag. Products that multiple ages will enjoy and that encourage imagination are worth more of your investment. If you can find one item to replace two things you’d like to have, you’ll save money and space in the long run!

January 15, 2018

Milk Storage – Did you know that draping your milk storage bag over the side if your counter and flattening out the plastic before sealing it helps get all the air out? Removing the air allows your bag to lay flat when you freeze it and save space! (Big praise for all those working moms out there who need all the space they can find!) Whether you freeze your milk on a flat surface in your freezer, or in a milk storage container that flattens your bags for you (link provided here for storage container pictured on Instagram), this system also helps keep your milk from developing freezer burn while it sits!

January 8, 2018

Cloth Wipes – Did you ever question whether you needed a wipe warmer and think “that’s silly,” “how unnecessary,” or “nobody really NEEDS that…?” I did! But on man, not only are they a staple for this cloth diaper mama, they come in handy and are a huge resource in so many ways I never would have thought to need until they were always there. Plus they’re reusable! And it’s easy to wash and reload. Here’s a short list of what I use my cloth diapers for:

  • Wipes – Since we primarily use cloth at home, it’s so nice having cloth wipes right at my changing table! Not only are they warm and easy to do a full body wipe down as needed without upsetting the baby as much, but I don’t have one more thing to separate getting my diaper laundry ready. Without any of these other hacks, that has become worth the warmer to me!
  • Warm face rags
  • No-bath day quick wipe down rags
  • Kleenex for tender noses
  • Pre-treated clean-up rags (I have a small wet bag that I keep in my diaper bag to wipe down tables at restaurants, clean messes my kids make, or use on their hands before or after they eat. Because they get soaked with oil, gentle soap, and essential oils, they act as a last resort cleaner/sanitizer when I need them)
  • I can also grab these bad boys when I’m home and have a little spill, or to clean up the kids, and they feel a little gentler on sensitive surfaces.