Welcome to my little corner of the world, and thanks for visiting! You can find my my latest post on my BLOG page.  Here you get to read why I started this journey – and I hope it encourages you that anyone can put words down on paper and share something that could give life.

I’m a full time mom, working part-time from home.  I live at a Young Life camp, so my family is uniquely dedicated to full time ministry.  I have too many hopeful hobbies, lofty dreams, and supportive friends.  Needless to say – I keep myself busy, and it probably doesn’t make sense to add anything else to my week.

But as my husband and I continue to talk about the call on our lives as a family, and the nudge to use our gifts and talents, something seems to be missing in my current routine.  I would run away from the idea that I’m a writer, and I don’t claim to be an expert with unique knowledge to share in any particular blog-worthy arena.  Most days I feel like I have too much on my plate, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish my various to-do lists with my current endeavors. So what am I doing starting something NEW!? Because yes, you’re reading my very first blog post – which means…I went for it!

My justification is that I don’t desire to jump into something new – but to share what I have.  There are many parts of my story that I know have been in my life journey because I need to share them with others.  When I became a mom, my desire to do it all ‘right’ and not ‘mess up,’ lead me down a path of collecting information that could drive people crazy.  I relied on blogs, community groups, reviews, and friends to help me navigate this new world called Motherhood – before it really even began! When I jump into something it’s usually at full force: with a lot of research or at least passion, an investment of myself, a goal (often created along the way), and then I hang onto it (to a fault) until it’s complete. While I was considered a strong woman and grown adult – I lost sleep over how ill equipped I felt to nurture tiny humans. After all, this wasn’t a part of my journey I could say “never mind” to, and turn the other way. But my ‘type-A personality’ that made me a little crazy, has given me opportunities to help and share with others. My greatest joy in all of it has been to see my acquired knowledge help more than just myself.  Sometimes I find the right person to share those nuggets with, whether big or small, and that’s become the vision for this adventure.

This blog will act more as a journal for me in a lot of ways.  I know I learn more from the Lord when I process on paper, and I’m excited to glean more deeply as I share practical mom advice.  But I also hope to look back at some of the things I have valued most in this season of life, and share that wisdom, so you can start where I left off. I believe there are people out there who are similar to me, and need a lot of the same information I compiled – and I never found that ‘one stop shop’ online, particularly for the working mom who seemed just like me.

In time, maybe this blog will be complete – but I’m surprisingly excited for more of a continued work in progress to take shape here. One step at a time – day by day – with the perspective that our mama lives are abundant, if we choose to see it that way.

So here I am: Daily Simply Mama.

Thank you for reading!