About Me

Hello!  My name is Erin, and this is my family: Jay, Addison, and August

I live and work at a Young Life camp called Washington Family Ranch, with my amazing husband, our two beautiful kiddos, and family pups.  After 10 years in full-time ministry, I transitioned to stay at home with my kids and work part-time. I’m abundantly blessed in this season of life, and desire to have that joyful perspective every day. Along the road of motherhood, finding that joy and discipline has been harder than I ever expected it to be, and through it my vision of fullness in life has changed.

I’ve had some amazing and humbling experiences as an adult.  In my maturing journey as a disciple, wife, mom, and in many other roles, I have experienced and grown from so many things.  I love to share what I learned the hard way – or through hard work – and hope this space can be a window into my growing perspective. I’ve found so many ‘mom hacks’ and in turn found other mamas don’t know about these little secrets! I also have lots of hobbies and passions I’ll share about on here, one of which you can browse and shop at La Seniorita Jolie.

It all contributes to the person I’m becoming, and the vision I hope for my journey: to be daily, simply, mama.

Thanks for reading, and I would love to connect!