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Rest is so important in life.  However you fill your cup, your health – and the health of those around you – is dictated by your ability to find good REST in your routine.  Yes, rest in routine – not just during a vacation – is needed for your consistent well-being.  We’re blessed to have a few places that pour life into my soul when we get to visit them at different times of the year.  My “happy places.”

However, I’m also consistently reminded that I need to prioritize the restful time and spaces in my home, and I know everyone around me is more blessed when I get that fill.  I’ve been processing this a good amount, and I hope these ideas can be small nuggets of encouragement that rest can be more attainable in your own routine as well.  Rest girlfriend…and be blessed!

Tips for finding your own happy place:

  • Your “happy place,” or place of rest, doesn’t have to be far from home. It can be a special nook in your house, a coffee
  • shop nearby, even a quiet corner of your backyard.  A place where you can routinely find your rest is key. It’s less about a
    place, but a space that creates an atmosphere that’s life-giving to you. That’s my best definition for reference.
  • Rest looks different for everyone. Just because some people can find solitude in their living room and rave about hours of quiet space for reflection doesn’t mean that’s what you have to find in order to get your own rest.  Some people are more rejuvenated by a cup of coffee and shared conversation with friends. Some may even be filled by filling their house with dinner party guests.  Don’t look to others for what you need in rest – explore it for you, and then make THAT your priority.
  • Routine is also a loose term. For some it means daily, others weekly, and for a small group it may be a quarterly retreat or time to be filled away from the ‘norm,’ and then jumping back into daily life.  Whatever your routine, make sure it keeps you with a cup half full perspective. I would challenge the idea that you don’t need to be filling your cup often.  While what you feel you really need may be a weekend away from the job you currently have (or fill in the blank) – there needs to be some way you’re being rejuvenated and creating space for positive perspective before you hit rock bottom and get the chance to get away.  I have had to find a middle ground in my ideal rest and daily opportunity. I don’t have daily space as a working mom with kids in different seasons to spend an hour or more journaling and listening to the Lord for guidance and perspective.  There’s a current roadblock where my ideal need and current space merge.  But I can choose to create space daily to be  rounded and say a prayer for my littles, my husband, and myself.  It may mean sacrificing a full educational morning to some screen time, or making a client wait an extra four hours until the next available work window of my day, but it’s always possible.  If you’re lost in finding the how or when, ask a close friend.  Gaining perspective outside of your bubble is valuable.
  • Your rest routine may also look different from to season.  Give yourself grace if you have certain seasons that prevent you from being as social or present because of the rest you need.  The freedom in our margin is a huge variable to how rested we can feel, and how quickly our attitude can waiver. There are so many things that can rock our stability: jobs, communities, relationships, changes in general.  Give yourself grace, yet also allow accountability to be a healthy checkpoint.  Have someone else in your life who can remind you that you may need to create more space for rest too.
  • Be persistent.  Once you feel like you have a handle on your needs in rest, create that space and stick to it.  There are going to be factors that try to intrude into that space EVERY DAY…some days you may choose to let other things fill you up, but if  you’re not persistent and accountable to yourself in getting that rest, you’ll fall and have to start all over.

With this school year, I hope for rest.  The four words I am choosing to cling to in a routine that can easily drown that out of my day are Consistent, Persistent, Grounding, and Joy.  What are your goals in resting?

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