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Becoming an oily mama

I was first introduced to essential oils right after my first kiddo was born.  As a new mom, I was excited about the idea and vision to use more natural products in my home, remove toxins, and find natural soothers as a first line of defense when it came to my baby. I was hesitant about the expense, but with the help of just a little research, realized that if I was going to jump in and do this right, I had to pay a little more for a guaranteed quality I didn’t want to pass over.

I would say that I joined the “oily” community before it felt like such a craze, and I’m so glad I did. I can definitely be that person who pushes away from the trend or latest thing that feels surrounded by hype, and I would have missed out on essential oils in our lives.

While I haven’t replaced everything for homemade creams, oils, and cleaners quite yet – I love the way oils have scented our home and given us an less toxic option for many routine needs, or as a response to a needed ‘pick me up.’ We haven’t progressed to full-blown oil advocates with preventative supplemental living in our home, but if we lived that way, I would definitely look into some of these products! In my own oil journey, there are two companies that have continued to strike my interest with oils and products, neither of which I work for or want to fully endorse, but where I would start if you’re new to this journey. They both have products I want (see my favorite nighttime diffuser option pictured; and essential oil make-up: yes please!), and continue to entice me into this world of essential oil.

The big oil providers: DoTerra and Young Living

I have many friends who have jumped into sales with one of these two companies, and while I’ve done extensive research to prove why one is “the best,” I have come to the conclusion that both have to be selling pure, good, health-promoting products with their growth and stature in the oil market.  There are some links below I have found to be good sources with valid points in their differences if you want to research your own opinion in these companies I have chosen to trust. The encouragement I would make if you want to use oils (from any company) is that you look for verified purity, understand source and processing of those oils, and make sure you understand what the marketed use for those particular oils are, for safety.  The rest of your choice will probably be personal preference, or finding a friend you trust who’s connected to one company or the other.  I have friends you can use as resources if you need a good connection to answer any questions you may have:

My friend Taylor is a sales consultant for Young Living essential oils, and has generously shared her knowledge to help me lay out the reasons behind why she chose this lifestyle and business for her.  (And explain in more detail why oils are a good choice in general.)   I don’t desire to promote Young Living in asking her to share, but if that’s the company you choose, she would love to help you get started.  If you desire to dive into oils with DoTerra, let me know and I can connect you with my friend Deanna, who is also a great advocate, and sells oils as her own business as well.  I trust these ladies, and have asked them many questions leading me to some of the research below 🙂 I can also give you more information on my research if you’re interested – just comment on this post!

Why choose oils? (By Taylor Leigh)

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the aromatic, volatile liquid found in plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, bushes, and seeds. They are essentially the thing that fixes the plant when it gets torn – and that’s what they do in our bodies! The chemistry of essential oils are complex and may consist of hundreds of unique chemical compounds. What does that mean? The molecules of essential oils are POWERFUL! There are multiple ways of extracting the oil, and each one takes a specific process. What fascinates me is the science that happens when essential oils come in contact with our cells. Essential oils have a similar make-up as our cells – meaning they can easily enter & exit our cells and CLEAN up whatever is dirty in there. They have more access to our cells than medications and drugs – how fascinating!! They are found in scripture and have been used throughout history, too. There’s a TON of information and research about the power being essential oils, so please do your own research and find out for yourself!

**I can only speak for Young Living Essential Oils as they are 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

How can we use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils have SO MANY USES. I’ve only been using them for about a year, and every day I’m learning about a new way to use my oils! The simplest way to put it: essential oils are used to improve your quality of life. Whether that’s sleep, hormones, breathing, illness, allergies, or energy – Essential oils can be used in EVERY area of life and are a safe and natural alternative to synthetic products. There are three ways to use Essential Oils:

  1. Topically: this means to use on your skin. Most essential oils are safe to use directly on skin – but it is recommended to dilute with a carrier oil if you have sensitive skin or are using on children. Fun fact: within 20 minutes of applying the oil, it will hit every cell in your body! The most effective ways to apply essential oils is to use Vita Flex points. These are places on our body that directly hit another area of our body. The feet, hands, and ears are the most known areas (google vita flex points to learn more). For example, applying a certain oil in between your big toe and second toe can stimulate and affect your thyroid.
  2. Aromatically: this is by diffusing or inhaling the oil directly. When we smell something, our limbic system is activated which is connected to memories, emotions, hormones, sleep, and more. The specific structure of an essential oil can stimulate various parts of the limbic system which can affect the entire body. When essential oils are diffused, the molecules are dispersed into the air with a stream of mist and can remain suspended for several hours.
  3. Internally: Young Living has oils specifically labeled for internal use (Vitality Line)  – please use caution when using any other company. Essential oils can be taken as dietary supplements and can directly detoxify your body from the inside out. Not everyone is comfortable ingesting – so please do what you’re comfortable with. Vitality essential oils can be added to food and drinks or taken in a capsule form.

Are there good and bad oils?

YES. There are many different companies and brands out there that “claim” to be therapeutic grade oils – but THEY ARE NOT. Please, please do your research and learn about the oils you are using. I use and absolutely trust Young Living for many reasons. The biggest reason is their Seed to Seal Promise. From the seed all the way to the sealing of the bottle, Young Living oversees the ENTIRE process and has incredibly high standards for their oils. They also own all of their farms across the world, and have been trusted for over 20 years to produce 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. Young Living also has a Foundation, they give generously to their distributors, and only want GOOD for the world. Whatever oils you are using, please be careful and do the research.

(information and research taken from Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Life Science Publishing)

Taylor also created this amazing ebook if you’re interested in reading more!


How do I get started?

Both of these companies in particular, DoTerra and Young Living, have starter kits that come with a wholesale membership that’s really worth the cost to get the essentials (pun intended!). Again, feel free to contact my friends if you have any other questions, or look at the resources below for more information!  Good luck!

Taylor Leigh: (Young Living)

Deanna Driscoll: (DoTerra)


Essential Oil resources:

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Doterra advocate blog: LIFE MADE FULL

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